Newport Beach, CA, USA

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1)      Membership in one of the most heart warming camps on the Playa

2)      Two meals daily (breakfast and dinner; menu here)

3)      Snacks and drinks daily (water, carbonated water, juices, snack packs)

4)      Full shade to cover all tents

5)      Lounge area with shade and furniture for your comfort

6)      Dining area with tables to comfortably eat and rest

7)      Power grid (generator) to charge your electronics (many use to charge their cameras)

8)      A separate communal kitchen for your personal use to prepare any other meals

9)      Showers, so that you can get clean and water (1 gallon per day per shower)

10)    Art vehicle insurance, registration, and maintenance

11)   Camp-Member chef you may get to volunteer with to prepare several of the delicious meals

12)   Drinking water (1 gallon daily for you)

13)   Trash and recycling receptacles available

14)   Personal and camp-created trash collected and hauled out

15)   Ice (to cool your body, water containers)

16)   Ride on Polaris, our double decker art car (and meet more burners too!)

17)   Gasoline to power the art car

18)   Delicious Healthy Meals for pre-burn early arrival crew

19)   Wine and Champagne

20)   Grey Water Disposal Set Up, which helps everyone dispose of their “water trash” aka shower water, hand washing water

21)   Specified space of 10x10 for your personal campsite

22)   Meet our World-Renown Shibari instructors and join in on their classes

23)   You can join all Yoga classes 

24)   You can join all Meditation Classes

25)   Participation in group night bike ride events

26)   Propane to use on the grills and in the communal kitchen

27)   Cooking utensils to use in the communal kitchen to help prepare meals

28)  Daily coffee with fixins available

29)  Constant updates throughout the year up until the Early Arrival crew gets to the Playa

30)  Meet our guest speakers and performers in camp

31)  Viewing Deck 10 feet above Playa for beautiful sunset viewing

32)  Fire Pit circle for nightly camp fire singing and/or for use as a burning receptacle

33)  Group burn participation (we bike and/ walk to Man Burn and Temple burn) - not required, but absolutely encouraged!

34) Community oriented camp, encouraging exploration and participation

35) Unique volunteering opportunities with Globally known Artists

36) Collaboration with International Art Collective SquidSoup for Desert Wave Art Installation

37) An entire acculturation crew committed to helping virgins have a responsible burn

38) Bike Repair Kit on-site to help you make repairs to your bike

39) Opportunities to continue your friendships within our community before and after the burn

40) Transport and storage of camp infrastructure (lounge, shade, communal space)

41) **Choice of Bike, which is included for RV & Bike Option | Volunteers haul, maintain, and recondition for you

42)  **RV: your RV will have grey water removed and fresh water filled throughout the burn



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Important Pricing Details for 2019

You who are committed to our ethos of love and care, and who positively contribute to the good health and wellbeing of this community are welcome to continue with us year after year! THANK YOU CYBERIANS!

​Please read our camp due packages thoroughly. Our camp is based on an invited only basis. Complete the Pre-registration to be considered. Do not submit payment unless you've been contacted through team members.

Early Bird (now-Feb 15)

-RV: $740

-W/Bike: $565

-W/O Bike: $510

On Time Bird (Feb 16-April 30)

-RV: $765

-W/Bike: $590

-W/O Bike: $535

Late Bird (May 1-Aug 1)

-RV: $790

-W/Bike: $615

-W/O Bike: $560

Very late Bird (Aug 2-end)

-RV: $815

-W/Bike: $640

-W/O Bike: $585